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Island Cres

Island CresCres (Italian Cherso, Latin Crepsa) is an Adriatic island in Croatia . It is one of the northern islands and can be reached via ferry from the island Krk or from the Istrian peninsula (line Brestova-Porozina). With an area of 405,70 km2, Cres is the largest Croatian island, overtaking Krk which is just a bit smaller (but thought to be the largest for years).

Cres and the neighbouring island of Lo�inj once used to be one island, but were divided by a channel and connected with a bridge at the town of Osor. Cres's only fresh water source is lake Vransko jezero. Its western and southern part have a plenty of bays and pebbly beaches while the northern and eastern part are characterized with steep and rough rocks. Tops of the islands � Gorice (648m) and Sis (638m) � offer you unique view on island and all Bay of Kvarner .

Island CresOn island Cres you can find sharp contrast between northern submediterranean part covered with high and thick woods of oak, elm, hornbeam, and the middle and southern part covered with bare grazing lands and dense macchia. There are over 1300 species and exceptional number of edemic species on island Cres, so this island have always been genuine challenge to all nature lovers.

If you are lucky you can see one of the last habitats of a rare bird species - griffon vulture. Island Cres has also rich cultural and historical heritage: the remains of Antique towns, Liburnian ruins, early Catholic curches, monasteries and remains of towns from the period of the Republic of Venice to the monuments of the contemporary period.

Towns of Cres

There are many towns on the Island that are all connected by a single road that runs down the middle of the island, on one side is the ferry from the main land (Around the city of Pula) and on the other side is the bridge to Mali Lo�inj, which was once connected, but are now separated by a water way, when coming on to the island from the side of Pula you will first encounter Poronzo, a list of the towns and descriptions are right below:

Poronzo - A small town which has the ferry terminal and some small shops.

Beli - This small town at the end of a long and very narrow road is home to a very famous bird, the endangered Griffon Vulture.

Cres - see below

Orlec - Another small town at the end of a narrow road, also home to the endangered Griffons.

Valun - This town can be seen on your way to Lubenice (see below) it costs money to park, and no cars are allowed into this city.

Lubenice - A small mountain town which is also on a narrow road to the top, it is an amazing view on the top and an ancient town, this road is very small, and is not recommended to travell to the top on a rainy day, the view is not good.

Stivan - On a side street this small town of 16 people is a beautiful town with a very private beach, old houses and a great church and is on the way to many other towns.

Martinscica - The home of a very large vacation complex, along with beautiful beaches and of course, some very nice cafes.

Osor - A great town on the edge of Mali Losign, this is a recommended visit, it is historical, and has great restraunts, the view of the water is also very nice.

The Town of Cres

The town of Cres is more like a city. The center is filled with shops where you can buy clothes and home made olive oil and wine. When you walk into Cres the center is tile and is filled with restaurants, it also has a boat dock in the middle of the square, and a movie theatre.

Lake Vrana

Cres's very own fresh water lake, very highly guarded and illegal to swim or fish in, the quality of the water is top rated and it is one of the deepest fresh water lakes in Eastern Europe, going down 64 meters.

Myth of Lake Vrana:

The myth to Lake Vrana is that there is a castle under the water, and that a rich sister wouldn't give her poor sister money, she was punished by her castle being under water, on some windy days you can hear the bell on top of the tower still ring today.

Position of island Cres

Position of island Cres

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